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Where customers plan, book AND pay for events – online, in minutes

What is Eventspot?

Eventspot is the revolutionary new way to connect consumers and event service providers. Events can be planned, booked and paid for, quickly and easily, even with multiple different types of providers, all online with just a few clicks.

Any customer looking to book an event comes to our site, chooses from any number of vendors, in any number of categories and can book and pay for their event right then – in minutes versus hours or days. You get notified and paid. It's that easy.

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Leave the Marketing
To Us

Here at Eventspot our mission is to help your business grow.  Through our marketing the awareness of your business will extend to an audience of potential customers greater in multiples than what you’ve ever imagined. From a large wedding to an intimate dinner, a corporate function, anniversary, or an off the wall kid’s birthday party - any occasion at all can be planned, booked and paid for right on our website, with your business front and center.

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Become an Eventspot Vendor and Watch your Business Grow

Eventspot will open up a whole new sales channel for your business that didn't even exist before, just like what AirBnB has done for vacation property owners . Our innovative, easy to use platform connects individual vendors,  with the thousands upon thousands of customers looking to plan events. Extend your reach and increase, in an exponential way, your highest margin business. Set up your vendor account now and take your business to the next level.

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